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Buyer Agency Services

OnwerWhen purchasing a home, it is best to select an experienced professional Buyer Agent who can assist you with finding the right home, verifying the market value, strategically preparing an Offer, negotiating the best possible price and terms, monitoring the entire sale transaction through to, and including, the closing day.

Many buyers don’t realize that a knowledgeable Buyer’s Agent can make the difference in the final purchase price and success in the overall buying experience.

Services provided by a Buyer Agent:

  1. Assist Buyer/s in the Property Search.
    NEW listings are emailed to buyers AUTOMATICALLY!
  2. Schedule and Attend Private Showings/Open Houses with the Buyer/s.
  3. Provide Market Comparables (CMA’s) for properties of Buyer’s interest and make strategic recommendations for Buyer’s offer price.
  4. Negotiate Offer on behalf of Buyer/s; work to achieve the best possible price.
  5. Schedule and Attend Home Inspection. Negotiate inspection issues (if any). Research town/city records, building permits, etc.
  6. Facilitate Signing Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S). Print final P&S draft, meet with Buyer/s for P&S signature and collect Buyer’s 2nd deposit check. After P&S is fully executed (both Seller/s and Buyer/s have signed), email copies of P&S and deposit check to Buyer/s and Buyer’s mortgage lender.
  7. Proactively Follow-up on Buyer’s Mortgage with mortgage loan officer to ensure deadlines are met and commitment is issued on schedule.
  8. Schedule and Attend Buyer’s Final “Walk-Through” prior to closing.
  9. Attend Closing. Monitor closing process on behalf of Buyer/s.

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