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A Wonderful Experience!

Working with Julia was a wonderful experience, as first time home buyers my husband and I felt comfortable from the beginning. She was very patient and took the time to answer all of our questions without any hesitation. She was always flexible with scheduling and took the time to truly understand our needs. Julia is honest and not pushy like some realtors I’ve heard friends tell me about. The house we were closing on was bank owned. Before we closed we had a huge unexpected setback with a title issue. Our chances of closing were looking extremely unlikely- Julia went above and beyond what I could have ever have expected of a real estate agent. She could have very easily pushed us away from buying the house of our dreams but instead she fought and worked so hard for us. I know if it was not for all of her efforts we would have never landed what my husband and I consider to be our absolute dream house. Julia started off as just our real estate agent, but now I consider her to be an extremely close friend. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone.

Eve Licciardi

Like FSBO on Steroids!

When offers came in after our first open house, they were there with us all the way through the process of negotiating; answering questions about all aspects of Real Estate and [as] a valued, steady advisor. They pay-as-you-go model was very cost effective for us. The brochures [they] designed and printed were stunning and drew praise from everyone. These showed not only pictures, but complete listing details (because the listing was very comprehensive) and provided each visitor a floor plan of the house for self-guided tours as well as a great take-home to remind them of our house. Owner-Assisted Property Services provided great internet exposure (hundreds of sites, including ones that required separate maintenance like craigslist and They were also a great resource for other services – they work with and recommended an excellent photographer that did all the stills, video and interactive floor plan. This online presence drew praise and, most importantly, traffic to our open houses. If we had needed legal advice, documents such as a P&S or offer forms, those services and materials were available at a moment’s notice. The service included signs, an info box and even a lockbox. Our home was on the market – in a difficult time – for 10 months with the best brokers in town but drew very little activity. In the first open house we held, 16 parties came to see the property and resulted in 2 offers. The closing was a mere 2 months away. If you are considering or are already selling your house and wonder where all the buyers are – no one can sell your place like you can – with assistance from Owner-Assisted Property Services.

Carol and Gerard Rice

Thank You!

I just wanted to take a minute to say “Thank You!” Both Matt and I were very happy with your [full-listing] services and it was a pleasure working with you. You told us in the beginning that you could sell our house in 30 days and you did! We would definitely recommend your services to anybody we know looking for a real estate agent.

Tina Donohue